About the company

TM “Hlibodar” is one of the best bread makers in Ukraine. For 17 years already we work every day in order to your family can eat quality, tasty and healthy bread. Just imagine that children who grew up on our products have finished school and university, began to work and created their own families.

TM “Hlibodar” is not a small bakery, but a huge manufacturing complex which produce hundreds of tons of high-quality bread every day. Our factories are located in different parts of Zaporizhzhya and region, that’s why our bread always gets on shelves still warm. Even when you still sleep sweetly we already make a fresh bread and soft baking for your breakfast so that your day always starts with magnificent aroma of freshly baked bread.

Product of TM “Hlibodar” is a huge choice of baguettes, wheat and rye bread. Our baking and pastry will not leave indifferent any sweet-tooth. Crackling cookies and toasted round cracknels are indispensable for evening gatherings with tea, also exotic Turkish Delight is not inferior to the creations of the best pastries in Istanbul. Taste our bread and baking at least once and you will surely come back for the additive.

During the years of tireless work our products many times received awards and certificates, but only your trust and loyalty are the best reward for us!